Web Analytics Consultancy

We get you the data you need so you can reach the customer you want

Our Web Analytics Consultancy team will put the right information in front of you. Allowing you to make better business decisions and grow your customer base.

Whether it is Google Analytics, SEO Analytics, Google Search Console, or beyond. We have the tools you need to drive your future.

Are these questions you are asking of your business?

How many people are visiting my site?

How do I know how much money my website is bringing in?

How do I know which page is performing the best?

How many people are leaving the site without buying?

How many have signed up for my newsletter?

These are just a few examples of the data we can capture for you. We have experts who can set up and manage your Google Analytics account from start to finish, giving you the piece of mind that the information is there when you need it.

Analytics & Reports

We get the data you want and guide you through it.

Analytics data can be time consuming and complicated to set up. We use the latest analytics and tagging software to identify all our client’s beneficial data. You can use our expertise to get the information you need to launch your business to new heights.

Setting up analytics services is one thing, now you need the information presented in a way that's easy to understand. We provide detailed tailored reports with clear information, represented in a visual way AND provide additional comments for ways to improve the stats.

We provide these reports automatically each month or whenever suits your business, so you can plan your next steps with ease. Don’t waste hours trying to find and dissect the mountain that is the digital world, just ask Greenpoint Digital.

What are Web Analytics?

Web analytics looks into the behaviour of your website visitors

This is helpful for finding out what is working in your website and what needs improving, what visitors like and what they don’t.

Marketers and business owners can then see how the website users interact with the website, and better tailor their marketing approach.

Web Analytics Tools

Web analytics looks into the behaviour of your website visitors

Our Web Analysts utilise tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console (to name just a few) to provide your with in depth knowledge into what your customers are searching and what they do and what they don't like about your site. Google Search Console can provide information about page impressions, Core Web Vitals. While Google Analytics can provide information about what pages your customers visit and where they go onto to convert or exit your site.

All these insights are important to grow your digital presence.

What are Web Reports?

Reports give you detailed and tailored information that make it easy to understand how your website is doing.

A professional web report takes all the analytics with your website metrics and displays them in an accessible way using graphics and text.

This allows you to see clearly how well your site is doing by showing you your pageviews, subscriptions, how often visitors buy, how long they stay on each page, etc.

Google Analytics 4

Don't delay in updating your google analytics account to Google Analytics 4!

Next year Google will be retiring Universal Analytics meaning, you will no longer gain data with this tool. If you need help organising your Google Analytics 4 change over, don't get caught out! Contact us today.

Don't delay, our Web Analytics Consultancy Services can help your fulfil your potential.

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