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Creating content for your website is vital to generate engagement and drive traffic to your website. We will create a content marketing strategy for you to attract new visitors and convert them into paying customers.

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Content Marketing Strategy

Content Creation for your website is vital to generate engagement and drive traffic via search engines to your website. People’s habits and interests change monthly, weekly and even daily. We will create a content strategy for you to attract new visitors, convert them into paying customers and retain them.

We provide multiple forms of content writing services on attracting, engaging, and retaining audiences by creating high quality content and sharing relevant Posts, Media, Blogs, Emails and other media to promote brand awareness and expertise in your field. Staying current and letting your customers know you’re current is a must for businesses now.

Website Content Writing

Our content writers are highly dedicated and take the time to get to know your brand and your target audience. This is essential to developing a good content strategy, when we get to know your brand, we are highlighting all the great work you do, so your audience recognises your Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (E.A.T)

Examples of Content Writing

Now we know your brand and what you offer, we get to know your target audience

If you are a specialist in Trekking holidays, just writing content about going on holiday in general is unlikely to get you anywhere in search. We need to target those who are interested in thrill seeking, adventure and hiking.

If your audience are young single or in couples, we can write gripping content accompanied with images of those other young trekkers you have helped in their journey or enlightenment.

Maybe your audience is older, and you want to highlight the sights they can see in comfort with their dedicated tour guide, “don’t sit at home, join us on the rocky mountain train and see the beauty of the Canadian wilderness”.

Whatever your speciality, the web content we create, whether its blogs, main pages, product descriptions or landing pages for marketing campaigns, Is designed for you and your customer and we can do this for all of our clients.

What makes us stand out is we understand digital strategies and with SEO in mind, working closely with our SEO specialists. A content writer can write amazing content, but if it isn’t relevant or people are not searching anything relevant to the content, it won’t get seen! We know how to find what people are searching for and build your content with this in mind. Greenpoint digital is the right choice for companies who want to be seen and be known.


Some companies may feel blogs are not needed. This is incorrect. Why?

Companies often aren't sure how blogs can be used to support their business. If you’re an ecommerce business or a local business offering services. Blogs help you site perform buy showing you are still around and engaged in your field of expertise. It also gives you the opportunity to capture target keywords and take users on a journey of brand recognition and/or converting them to customers.

In addition, Google tracks how many people navigate to your site, how long they stay on your site and whether they continue through your site. Users completing these steps go towards googles E.A.T focus and helps rank you higher. You can’t gain this advantage over your competitors without blog content!

a PC screen showing a blog post

Search Engines

Search engines work with your content; Is your content relevant to the keyword you are targeting AND is the content unique and engaging. With the right keyword research, coupled with excellent content writing, you can create a page that Search engines and your audience love.

With more clicks, time spent viewing and CTR, it signals to Search engines this content is great and keeps you ranking high! Don't let your content hide away beyond your audience’s sight. Let us help you create content that work for you to grow your business.

Landing Pages

When promoting a marketing campaign, you are actively spending money on your goal. Therefore, you need to ensure everything about the campaign is directed to that goal.

One page we might design is a Landing Page; a Landing page is a web page specifically tailored to highlight a goal you would like your customers or users to complete. You may want them to sign up to your newsletter, purchase a new product or begin a subscription.

Page content needs to first highlight that goal with supporting assets for trustworthiness and authority. Then we need to ensure additional content is written below to include information and keywords your target audience will be looking for, further highlighting its relevance to search and the target audience.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media posts will help promote your business and your products while creating engagement. We will review your channels and advise you on the best social media strategy for your business. This can vary from weekly Instagram content posts for fully engaged influencer audiences, to monthly or seasonal Facebook posts for ecommerce platforms displaying offers or new products. When creating content, you want to adapt that content specifically for social media.

Social Media makes it easy to engage with your audience and this is excellent in building brand awareness and trust as they know they can contact you on their site of choice, but often the assets used to highlight the content are different to web pages, so we need to adapt the content slightly to make it more accessible on all channels. Shorter, gripping information on a Facebook post can do more to navigate customers to your site than a huge wall of text.

Email Newsletter

People DO still use emails. Email content strategies are a must for business, we will help you craft engaging newsletters that will pique your customers’ interest and guide them to your website, your social media channels, or your products.

Most people nowadays have mobile phones and with mobile phones they have email apps that notify them when they get an email. You can promote your business at any time of day now all through the use of emails. Reminding them you are still there and keeping you in their minds for their next product or gripping media story.

New Leads

New leads are essential for your business. We will look at your landing pages and email automation and help you create specific sales funnels to get more paying clients. We use state of the art analytics applications to understand your business clientele and what they are searching for, to guide them to you and your conversion pages with the latest trends, offers and more.

Your Own Content Agency

As your content marketing agency, you will have tailored Content Marketing strategy with your customers in mind, expanding your reach and retaining it

Greenpoint digital is a content marketing agency, here to do the hard work for you and give you the best guidance for promoting your business through content marketing. We will make you stand out against your competitors and grab the attention of customers. Why do we care so much, helping you grow as a business, helps us grow as a business. and we want ourselves and our clients to be known for being the best in their fields.

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