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Website design is key for the success of your business. Your website is a reflection of your brand — it's the main place where you showcase the value of your business to your customers. It's essential that your website aligns perfectly with your brand.

Good website design is more than just choosing the right font and colour. It’s knowing which design elements can best communicate the nature of your business. Brands that succeed are memorable and perfectly aligned to your business and customers.

Website Design

Get a stunning website designed just for you

We have the knowledge that guarantees the perfect website design to match your customer's user experience.

Our team of designers will partner up with you to create a site that reflects your brand, connects with your audience and works perfectly on all devices.

Bespoke Design Your website will look like no other. We design websites specifically tailored to your customers.

UX Design We will make sure your website is easy to use and remains relevant to your clients to create the perfect user experience.

Responsive Design Website design that seamlessly adapts to all latest devices, including smartphones, desktops, and laptops.

Optimised for speed A slow website will rank lower in search engines. We will optimise your website to ensure the best possible loading speeds.

Website Development

We can take your business from idea to a fully functioning business

We will design and build a website you’re proud of, with a solid strategy to serve your business.

Scalable As your business grows, you website must grow with you. We will build a flexible website that will evolve with your business

Customisation We will customise your website data to make it easy for you to navigate your way around and add specific content.

SEO We focus on the structure of your website and its meta data to ensure you rank high on google.

Why we love WordPress

With WordPress you are in full control of your content, layout, and functionality

We believe WordPress is the perfect tool for small and medium sized businesses.

42% of the web uses WordPress


With an intuitive admin interface, you can navigate your way around the back end of your site and make easily changes yourself. You don’t need to know code to be able to WordPress.

Free & Open Source

It’s free and open source which means it’s publicly accessible and there are no hidden costs.


WordPress is the most adaptable solution to any business model. Whether you have an online store, an online portfolio or anything in between.

Easy for Beginners

WordPress is easy for beginners, yet incredibly powerful for developers, making it easy to add your own content.

Advanced Custom Fields

Make it easy o add more information to posts and pages, allowing you to customise your date to your business and audience.


There are over 55,000 plugins available for WordPress, allowing you to expand your website’s functionality into anything you can imagine.

Help Available

There are thousands of tutorials and detailed WordPress documentation, making troubleshooting any issues easy to do.

SEO Comes First

WordPress has SEO from the get go. With a WordPress website you are guaranteed excellent rankings on search engines.


Your eCommerce website will serve your customers 24/7 and give them a world-class shopping experience

At Greenpoint we will research your business, your target customers, and craft a shopping experience that will help bring in sales. Having an online store that is appealing and easy to use is vital for the success of your business.

An eCommerce platform that grows with your business. We will design an online shop with plenty of room to expand.

WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify. We can adapt to any platform of your choice.

We create unique stores for your business that are enjoyable, clean and simple to buy from.

Sales Funnels. We will develop sales funnels customised to your business.

Payment Integrations. PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, the more options you give people, the easier you make it for them to buy.

Membership & Donations If you're offering an online course, we can integrate your website with excellent course platforms like LearnDash.

Customer relationship management & Marketing Integrations Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, Pardot, Active Campaign, SendGrid, MailChimp. You want your CRM and your website to be seamlessly integrated.

Website Strategy

Design and code are great, but they're only the first steps. We will create a website strategy perfectly tailored to your business.


The structure of your website is key not just for great usability but also for SEO. We will plan your content so your website structure is built on a solid foundation.

Target Audience

Your website design will depend on who the website is for. We will design your website around your website audience’s interests.


We can build your brand from scratch or work with your existing brand. Your website will look and feel consistent with your brand, making it instantly appealing to your target audience.


We will guide you around the tricky world of analytics and website data. We will create reports so you can track how well your digital campaigns are doing.

User Journeys

You want your website to guide its visitors and convert them into buyers. We will craft user journeys so that every section of your website has a specific purpose.


We will use third-party services, APIs, and social media, to connect your website with the rest of the internet.


Are you clear on what your website’s goals are? We will make sure your website meets the goals you’re setting up for your business.


We will recommend you the best tools in the market to optimise your business. Your customer support, your marketing, and your shopping experience will work better than ever.

Our Portfolio

Let us show you what we can do. Have a look at some of the incredible websites we have created.

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